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Idea Receptionist has all the features that you need to build an efficient IVR system

Real time analytics

Instantly know how your business/ support desk are performing by analysing various type of reports and charts.

Call recording

With call recording you can check the conversation between customer and agents. You can use them for training purpose or keep them for future reference.

Time based routing

Lets you decide which call should route where and how based on time or day. This will help you to set shifts, working hours, holidays etc.

Black listing

Black list unwanted calls from certain numbers or certain location. This will increase agents' productivity and decrease average waiting time

Tollfree numbers

Allow your customers to call you free. Since it is free, customers are more willing to discuss their requirements with you freely. This will help to increase call volume and thus increases your business.

API integration

With API integration, you can decide IVR flow dynamically by doing application logics in your application. API integration also helps to updates records in your server in real time.


Cloud Telephony provides all types of IVR solutions that enhance your business

Call Center

Call Center Solutions empower organizations to deal with queries of customers in effective manner by assigning calls to the most competent employees.


Enables to call customers from a virtual number by providing customer's number in web panel. Two calls are originated, one to the customer and another to the agent. Both are patched

Pre-Call Notification

Enables playing of pre-recorded messages of promotional or informational to an originating caller, before the outbound commencement of the call takes place


It gives you an easy and cost effective way to deliver self-completion surveys and automated messages to a broad audience.

Sticky Agent

It ensures that your caller gets connected to the last agent he/she spoke to in the group. If agent is not available then only call get transfered to another agent

SMS Integration

Send an SMS back to the caller for an incoming call. This can be predefined static thanks/acknowledge SMS or response of API call

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